Antwerp is a breeding ground for creative talent. Thousands of students study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Every year the Academy’s world-famous fashion department produces a crop of top designers from all over the world. These creative people often continue living and working in Antwerp after their studies and that is quite unique. Fashion designers often choose Antwerp as the operating base for their ateliers. Jewellery designers, pattern makers, footwear designers and handbag designers also consider Antwerp the best place to give free rein to their creativity and craftsmanship. 

  • Fashion in Antwerp - Collectif d'Anvers

    Collectif d'Anvers | Shoe design
    Founded by artisan shoe maker Natalie Van Lijsebettens, Collectif d’Anvers is an open atelier showcasing her work and that of other designers, many of whom are graduates from the Antwerp Academy. As well as à la carte designs, Natalie offers a bespoke shoe making service, which commenced with the client’s feet being measured from a traditional beechwood last, which will be used as the fitting model for all their orders. While her techniques and skills are traditional, Natalie is passionate about contemporary fashion and design and these influences feed into her work as a shoe maker.
  • Fashion in Antwerp - Trois Quarts

    Trois Quarts | Pattern design
    In 2005, we took over this atelier from our employers. Trois-Quarts not only works for Dries Van Noten but also for Raf Simons, Bruno Pieters, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, Monsieur Maison and many others. Sometimes, we will design the patterns for an entire collection, but mostly designers come to us with their most intricate designs. Apart from patterns, we also create prototypes for the catwalk and limited editions like the Monsieur Maison shawls, which are manufactured from vintage couture fabrics.
  • Fashion in Antwerp - Daniël Von Weinberger

    Daniël Von Weinberger | Jewellery designer
    Daniël Von Weinberger is an extravagant Jewish jewellery designer from Antwerp. Von Weinberger recycles materials for his colourful works of art and jewellery. His creations are often made from plastic, toys, feathers, dolls and beads. Von Weinberger is currently a fashion and jewellery design instructor at the Academy of Berchem. He designs jewellery for famous fashion designers like Ann Demeulemeester.
  • Wouters & Hendrix | Delvaux

    Wouters & Hendrix for Delvaux
    Maison Delvaux regularly invites external designers to the Delvaux Studio to create a stylised item with its own craft workers. Delvaux invited Katrin Wouters and Karen Hendrix, a creative duo famous for their own style of jewellery. For more than 25 years these two stylists have continually surprised with their adventurous ideas and their sophistication and their on-going adaptation of old techniques. The result of this collaboration? "Embrace": a unique bracelet marrying the worlds of the fine leatherworker and the goldsmith.