The annual graduation show of the Fashion Department, is a celebration of fashion, bringing together some 6.000 spectators from all over the world, not only to judge and/or admire the collections the students, but also for the unique atmosphere of this grand defile. Once a year, the building is filled with friends, fashion enthusiasts, manufacturers, former students, fashion designers, styling agencies, culture buffs and the press. 


SHOW/OFF #6 is a unique magazine about the Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen. It features highlights from the Fashion Department: the end of year collections of the Master students, works by the Bachelor Year students, information about various projects and workshops... is a collector's item made with the same creativity that is so all-important to the Academy - and in the fashion world.

140 pages | Price 10 € (available at Copyright Bookshop, Nationalestraat 28A, Antwerp or Idea Books, T +32 20 622 61 54,

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